Juridisk Information

On websites and various printed materials terms like Cultural Care Au Pair, "we" and "us" are used to make it clear to you that by participating in the Cultural Care au pair programme, great efforts are made for you to have a seamless experience from beginning to end. This is really all you need to know, however, if you are curious about exactly what individuals and legal entities are working together to create this experience for you, the following description of the Cultural Care Au Pair network in your region of the world will help you:

  • International Care AG - is a company incorporated in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. This is the company that helps you qualify as an au pair, organizes your insurance coverage, helps you prepare for your stay abroad and makes your travel arrangements once you have found your host family.
  • Cultural Care Inc - is a company incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA. This company is designated by the US Department of State to sponsor J-1 Au Pair visas and it works with independent subcontractors known as Local Childcare Consultants to help you have great experience in the US.
  • Erika Insurance Ltd - is a Swedish insurance company providing tailor-made insurance coverage for Cultural Care au pairs.